Asanoha - Stash Box

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Introducing the newest addition to the Cerebral Concepts Merchandise collection, the wooden Stash Box! Available in two different sizes, these trusty joint & blunt holders are perfect for taking your meds on the go! This particular Stash Box is adorned with the "Asanoha" design, laser engraved on both sides!

*NOTE: Shades of wooden sections may vary*

These "Stash Boxes" are made from carved-out pieces of wood, connected at the ends by a strong elastic cord. When you bend the devise with your fingers, you reveal the hidden storage compartments inside.

Joint Size: $30
- Size: 3.75in x 2in  x .5in 
- Holds 3 Joints

Blunt Size: $30
- Size: 1.75in x 5in x .8in 
- Holds 2 Blunts

Asanoha - Stash Box
Asanoha - Stash Box
Asanoha - Stash Box
Asanoha - Stash Box

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